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WARNING: This story contains explicit Adult content. If you do not appreciate Bondage, Forced Sex, Kidnapping, Rape, and Torture then do NOT read!
This story is completely fictional.  Any relation to names, people or events is purely coincidence.
I would love to hear your feedback on my writing. =)

Scene 1: To the Bluffs

“Are you READY!?” Veronica teased playfully, walking through the door, Katie close behind.
“Yea, I suppose.” Katie replied, clearly not as excited about this adventure as Veronica is.
“Don’t worry you’ll love it. It is beautiful up there!” Veronica says slipping out of her yoga pants.
“I guess I gotta start doing this kinda stuff more if I want a butt like yours.”
“That’s the spirit! Hey, I’d kill for your tits though,” Veronica says winking.
“Then come get em!” Katie says while she flashes and shakes her tits.
“Aww, not fair… how big are those things!?”
“Double F,” Katie says with a smile starting to show.
“You better tie those things up for the hike! You don’t want to knock yourself out,” Veronica laughs before looking at the time. “Whoa! It’s 12:50 already? We took too long at lunch. Let’s hurry up.”

In a flurry of clothes Katie and Veronica threw on their outfits and rushed out the door, leaving their dorm room in a mess.  

“Can you hold this?” Veronica asks, sliding into her old tan coup.
“Sure, always gotta have your camera.”
“Sure do!  Ok so my phone’s GPS says it should only take about 10 minutes to get there.”

Veronica starts up her car and the two girls start driving to the bluffs.

“I can’t believe it’s the 18th already… Only today and Sunday left before classes start up again,” Katie moans.
“Hey, Hey, Hey! None of that! It’s still break and this is gonna be fun.  We should have the trails mostly to ourselves since yesterday was the first nice day all year, and today is a bit cooler,“ Veronica says with a smile.
“Thank god… I don’t want too many people see me dying trying to hike up these mountains.”
“Don’t worry about it Katie, you’ll do great. And if we need to take breaks we can. Did you bring your water bottle?“
“Yes, I did!” Katie says shaking her pink water bottle in Veronica’s face.
“Good cuz we’re here.  See there is only one other car here, so nothing to worry about.”
“OOOH!” Katie gasps as she gets out of the car, “It’s a little cooler up here!”
“Yea just a little but don’t worry, once we start hiking you will appreciate the breeze. Let’s go!”

Scene 2: A Rough Hike

Veronica walks over to the map at the trail entrance and examines it for a second before asking, “Do you want to do the long or the short route today?”
“Let’s do the short one, and if I’m feeling ok we can just keep going,” replies Katie.
“OK, sounds like a good plan! Ready!?”
Katie and Veronica start up the trail. The day is beautiful. The leaves crunch under their feet as they start into the woods. Tiny signs of the first wildflowers poking through the earth. The breeze is a little chilly but as the path starts to get steeper the girls start to appreciate it.  
“Aww, look at the little crocus flowers!” Veronica says pointing to a patch of purple flowers, barely showing above last fall’s leaves.
“Whew, they are very pretty…” Katie puffs, pausing to catch her breath a little. “I think it’s time for a quick water break.”
“Ok, now is a good time. After this is the hardest part. It’s about a 10-minute hike up a little steeper path.”
“What does ‘a little steeper’ mean?” Katie asks skeptically.
“You’ll be fine. Plus, once we get to the top it’s all downhill from there,” Veronica says with a smile, her attention focused on taking pictures of the flowers.
“Ok, ok. I can’t wait to see this amazing view you’ve been talking up all week,” Katie jokes. She takes one more drink from her water bottle before flipping the top shut. “Ready?”
“Good to go!”
The girls start their way up the trail again. It is noticeably steeper but still very manageable, even for Katie.  The breeze has died down now, and it is starting to show as Veronica wipes a little sweat from her forehead.
After a few minutes, Katie begins to stumble over the exposed roots that cross the path.
“We are almost there!” Veronica says, trying to motivate Katie.  “I can almost see the top! We are gonna make it!”
Katie’s expression becomes very determined, as she picks up her feet higher avoiding the roots. Her pace quickens as she passes Veronica.
“There you go!” Veronica says quickening her pace.
Katie keeps going staying at her new pace. She can see the top, just a few more yards! Her legs are burning, but she is going to make it. Just a few… more… steps…. THERE!
“I did it!” Katie shouts as she playfully collapses to the ground. “We did it Veronica we are here!”
Katie lies panting on the ground, catching her breath. “Veronica?”
As Katie rolls over, her jaw drops.
“What the –“ Katie starts.
“Roll back to your front, now,” the man says calmly.
Katie’s mind is racing. The man in the black ski mask, he has a knife to Veronica’s throat!
“Who ar-“
“I Said. Now,” he says much more firmly. Veronica noticeably flinches as he touches the knife to her throat. Katie complies, tears starting to form in her eyes. “Put your hands on the back of your head.”
Again, Katie complies.
“Now, for you blondie. Get on your knees, put your hands on your head and don’t say a word,” He says his hand forcing her to the ground. He quickly shrugs off his backpack and sets it on the ground. Immediately after opening it he has a pair of handcuffs in his hand. As soon as Veronica feels the cold metal close around her first wrist she starts sobbing.
“Please Sir, don’t do –“
“Quiet!” He snaps. “Talk again and your pretty face won’t be so pretty. IF you two behave you won’t be hurt.”
An unseen smirk forms behind his mask. The man pulls both of Veronica’s arms behind her back and closes the 2nd handcuff around her wrist.  He notices Katie tilting her head to try and see what is happening.
“If I see you look up one more time! I am going to whip you until you can’t scream anymore!”
Katie throws her face back into the tear soaked leaves.
“Open your mouth blondie,” the man commanded. Slowly, Veronica opened up. She was crying so hard she was gasping for air. Then coming from over her head in a blur the man forced a ball gag in her mouth.  
“NNNGGHH! Nnnnn..nnnn…PPPLLLL..nnnnn…” Veronica violently tried to shake her head away, but it was too late.  The gag was already tightly secured in place. The man throws Veronica to the ground. Veronica rolls to her side to watch the man approach Katie, laying just a few feet away. She tries to scream but only muffled moans of distress can be heard.
“Look at you!” He says, standing over Katie. “You got yourselves all tired out for me. You made this pretty easy.”
The man kneels to the ground, with one knees on Katie’s back. She lets out a grunt as the air is forced out of her.
“P-please, Mister. Why ar-“ The man forces Katie’s face into the dirt.
“Don’t. Talk. We will talk later. OK?”
He lets her head up slowly. She spits out a couple of leaves. While sniffling, she nods her head in submission.
“Very good. See how easy this can be?” The man says, as he completes handcuffing Katie.
He reaches back into his backpack and pulls out a second ball gag and forces it into Katie’s mouth without much resistance.
“Now be a good girl and keep your face in the ground,” the man commanded as he stood up, and took his backpack over to Veronica.
Kneeling down next to her he retrieved a perfectly coiled white ¼” rope from his backpack. As he slips a loop around the girl’s neck she begins moaning loudly, her body struggling, trying to crawl away. The man grabs the back of Veronica’s neck, his fingers felt like they were crushing her.
“You’re lucky we are in a rush, or I would whip the shit out of you right now,” the man said, loud enough for Katie to hear. “Now. Don’t fucking move again or I’m going to shove my flashlight up your ass.”
Veronica resigned herself to crying into the mud, while the man took a length of the rope and tied it securely around Katie’s neck. Katie didn’t dare to resist this man… who knows how big his flashlight is?
“Hurry up! Get on your feet, let’s go!” the man ordered.
Abducted: Scene 1 and 2
Scene 1 & 2 is complete. It is just setting up the characters and location a little bit.

I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think so far.
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